Friday, April 14, 2006

The French Connection

Bonjour!! Allow me the pleasure of presenting you a photograph of the French village of Le Herie La Vievielle. This will be our base of operations during April 5 through April 20th of 2007. My mother in law has pretty much locked in on our dates of travel for next years trip. The village is about 6o miles southwest from the Belgium border. My wife's family is originally from the village and her great aunt still lives there. The population is only about 250 and I have been looking very hard at the picture but I have yet to see any golden arches. =( The village is not ideally located for a lot of travel but it should be fun nevertheless. We definately should be close for a day trip to the Magionot Line at the border. Here is a photograph of some of the works.

The only other major attraction we plan at this point to see is the Normandy coast. My wife and I are planning to break away from the group and spend a few days in London with my aunt and uncle who are coming with us on the trip.

Also on the subject of France, my mother in law and I took our first introductory French language class Wednesday night. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much. The only thing that was embarrassing was the fact that I forgot to turn on my trusty tape recorder. Doh! No biggie. The first night was mainly of sentence structure and word association. My mother in law's office at the university already has a pool going on as to how many classes I will take before I drop it. LOL. Don't worry. I have my operative already planted and he has put the right number in the pool.

I take nothing to chance.

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