Saturday, April 15, 2006

Comic Book Saturday

I just wanted to start out this post by saying I am relaxing here by drinking a bottle of the new Coke Blak. Let me say this and allow my words to ring out across the land.

It sucks.

Now to the comics.

Nanners and I had a very busy day today and it started out this morning at 9am by my weekly trip to the Ye Olde Flea Market. I was able to fill my loot sack with the following.....

New Avengers: The Illuminati #1
Exiles #78 (World Tour featuring the Squadron Supreme)
The Incredible Hulk #92 (Planet Hulk Variant Cover)

I had a couple of more issues in my hands but I had to put them back for lack of funds. Hulk #92 with the variant cover was a little expensive but I am a sucker for the variant covers. The way the entire comic industry is promoting them and the way the sales for them are successful it seems everyone else is as well. I also put back Annihilation: Super-Skrull just because that I am sure I will be able to pick that up maybe next week.

The more and more I read Exiles, the more issues I will likely buy. Marvel has about a zillion alternate Earths and the Exiles are currently on Earth #712 which is the designation of Earth-S or the Earth of the mainstream Squadron Supreme. This is not the rebooted Squadron Supreme of the Marvel Knights line. I have no idea what Earth designation number it is given and yes it does have one. Its going to be interesting to see how the addition of the Power Princess will effect the group dynamic. I like the way that Marvel is using its other alternate characters in this way.

The Illuminati issue was very interesting to read. Very little in the way of action other than one or two pages of a clash between Iron Man and the Sub-Mariner. Things are getting geared up for Marvel's Civil War. This weekends USA Today had a short blurb about it. Its going to be massive and the creators are promising many changes after the end of the series. One rumor is that the anti-superhero registration group will lose and several heroes will be heading to Canada rather than to reveal their true idenities. Will Thor return? The Heroes for Hire are returning. Will the New Avengers will be split apart?

Bottom line. I might need a second job.

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