Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

Not much going on today. We had a busy day at work and it was made longer because its that time of the year for me now. Allergies. I am so allergic to all the pollen and everything from all the azaleas and other flowers blooming here in south Alabama. I was absolutely miserable at work today. I came home and took my old friend, Mr. Tavist. Actually half of one. If I took a full one, I wouldn't hear the clock go off in the AM. I will be glad when it rains and washes all the pollen to points unknown. Anyway. In other things gravitating around the Ice household......

I just listened to my buddy Ender's first podcast. He was smart and decided not to put it on the web like I did. LOL However, I think he did an excellent job. He has experimented more with Audacity than I have. When it started, my first thought was how professional it sounded. I think with these little babysteps we are making prior to the debut of The Gun Show will be beneficial. The Grand Poobah is in the process of making us a few logos. We had a photo shoot last Thursday to do that. Yes. You heard that right. We engaged the services of a well known south Alabama photographer and well...the finished product turned out very well. The first logo that Poobah did was great I thought and we are looking forward to the finished result. We are having a blast doing this and we haven't even made our first podcast yet. We have a executive producer and a techincal advisor. This is going to turn the world of podcasting on its head.....or destroy it one. LOL.

The Butler Did It has updated his 21 movies that will cause guys to drop the remote. The Shawshank Redemption is the latest entry. This is a great movie. However, being a former corrections office I can say that some of the techincal stuff like the tunnel going undetected for so many years is stretching it. The little stuff like that is overshadowed by the great performances of Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins. The scene where Red has his final parole hearing and he declares that he is institutionalized rather than rehabilitated always puts a lump in my throat. You cannot get more real than that, ladies and gents. His readjustment to society is also great to watch. All in all, a great movie. Stop by his website and give it a read. Oh, and The Butler is going to Disney World too. And I thought we worked there. ;-)

Nanners and I enjoyed a nice evening out at my best friend's house last night. I am glad that Nanners and I are enjoying the social circuit a little more.

Well, that wraps it up for tonight. See ya when there is something brewing!

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