Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

Well, I just awoke from my long afternoon nap and I thought that I would update everyone on some things that have been going on.....

Today was my first day back at work. I hate to admit it, but I was glad to be back. I had a fun day with working with some co-workers that have been there with me from the start and the joking banter flowed like red wine. Of course, the day wouldn't be perfect if I didn't screw something up. Not only was I a few minutes tardy on one of my breaks ( Sorry, Mrs. Ender! ), I left the thank you card that I was going to post for everyone at home. Doh! However, I did have the pleasure of spending a few extra minutes with Mrs. Ender as I had to take her home this afternoon due to her hubby going home sick.

Friday night, Nanners and I enjoyed dinner with some friends at the Santa Fe Fajita Company located in the Eastern Shore Center in beautiful Spanish Fort, Alabama. I have been wanting to dine here for sometime and was very much looking forward to the experience. The food was great with some items on the menu not traditionally found at a Tex-Mex restaurant. We had a great time, but I was surprised the restaurant was not as upscale as I thought it was. Not that my tastes demand upscaled dining, but I was surprised by the outside decor and its other dining neighbors, that it didn't give off the same feel on the inside than the outside.

Yesterday, I helped Nanners at her place of business for a little while then dropped by Petpalooza in the afternoon to see their selection of animals that were available for adoption. As it turned out, the pickings were very slim. Mostly large dogs were the rule of the day and we simply do not need another large dog right now. Still, it was hard to walk away from those innocent faces.

Before I took Nanners to her office, I made my quick Saturday ritual of stopping by the flea market for my weeks worth of comics. I picked up Infinity Crisis #5 ( both the Lee and Perez covers ). Infinite Crisis #3 and #4 ( second printing with their black and white sketch covers ), Ms. Marvel #1 ( I always pick up first issues ) and the latest Wizard. I renewed my subscription to it so I will probably start picking it up again at home very soon. A nice little haul if I say so.

Finally, our little outside project jumped a major hurdle Friday as we get closer to preparing and releasing the latest craze to hit south Alabama and soon the world. Get ready because.......its coming.

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