Friday, March 10, 2006

See you at the Boatdock, Danny.......

This was supposed to be my Friday afternoon update. Well, it still is but it seems the Grim Reaper has been working overtime.

A very good friend of mine and neighbor of my mother and father passed away yesterday morning. It was not unexpected. He had a kidney transplant about 11 years ago and was in moderately good health until recently. In fact, he was right down the hallway from my Dad when he was in the hospital. However, I was always unable to see him due to his condition. The day after my Dad's funeral, I took my mother to the hospital for her to check on some paperwork for my father's insurance. When we finished, my mother asked me if I wanted to see Danny. I was amazed that he was still hospitalized. I did not realized his condition was that bad. We entered Danny's room and was met by a horrible sight. The nurse was trying to put a IV into his arm and Danny was struggling against her. He did not know where he was at or who we were. He was a brute of a man. It was very heartwrenching to see him like that.

Danny was a saint of a man. After his son and my friend was killed in a car wreck, Danny aimed to make sure that the rest of his life was aimed at helping others. He was always calling my mother and asking her if she wanted fish or some other type of game since he was an avid outdoorsman. I remember once I was walking by their house when I heard his gruff voice call my name and call me over. "I want ya to try somethin"...." As I walked in the house, he had every burner on the stove on and the smell of fried fish filled the room. Next thing I know I had a plate full of fish in front of me and enjoying a lively chat with this remarkable man. Danny was also very successful in the buying and selling of land. He once sold some acreage where he took the land and the timber revenue and gave it all toward his church. He made a point when he received his kidney to look up and visit the parents of the young girl whose death provided the kidney he had in his body. He was larger than life and crude and filled the room when he came in. Most of all, he was a good friend. I will miss Danny.

I wish the story ended here. However, it does not.

Last night, his daughter in law's mother and father decided to come and visit Danny's wife, Mary. They left their other daugther at home as they went over to pay their respects and to deliver soft drinks. Their other daughter was born with birth defects, however she was old enough and in good enough shape mentally and phyiscally to stay by herself for brief periods. When her parents came home from Danny's house, they found their daughter collasped on the floor. She was dead.

As I was visiting my mother today, I saw a report on CNN about teenagers and blogging. How they have made up this secret world and use their blog to either exaggerate the truth and / or outright make up things to post.

I wish the story I just wrote of was made up.

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