Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Afternoon

As the great John Cleese would say......" and now for something completely different...." and I hope, more cheerful.

Our cat Rocky is still doing better. He is definately tired from his ordeal the other day but we are not taking any chances. We have him on Fancy Feast cat food so it will be easier for him to digest. I am sure that he will be back to normal ASAP.

Nanners and I are meeting Ender and his wife "Tater", another co worker and the Mayor of Hollinger's Island, Handyman Jason and his lovely wife, Mitzi Gaynor at the brand new Macaroni Grill this evening for dinner. Before we go in, Jason and I will walk over and pay our respects to the building that once was Hooters next door. We remember her fondly.

I have not been able master the medium that Ender, The Verbal Assassin and the Grand Poobah are hoping to conquer very soon. Pixeldigger will hopefully be sitting in this same chair Monday providing the techincal expertise that we need. Ender has already done some inital work on one part of the project. TGSDN is coming soon......we hope.

The Washington Post had a very interesting article on the rebuilding going on in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. Louisiana definately needs to pay attention. Speaking of Hurricane Katrina, my DVD on the storm I bought from WLOX-TV in Biloxi should be shipping very soon. The one that the University of South Alabama did on Hurricane Ivan was excellent.

It looks like I will not be making my usual flea market run tomorrow morning. Nothing interesting in the comic world is out this week. However, Marvel's Civil War is due out soon. It looks good.

and finally.......I may have to go and see our company softball team in action next week. That is if there are any more healthy people to play.......LOL

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