Monday, March 27, 2006

The Earth's Mightiest Movie Review Part Two - Good Night and Good Luck

Good Night and Good Luck is a movie set during the McCarthy Hearings in the 1950's and shows how CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow confronted Sen. McCarthy on his tactics of trying to expose would be Communists in the United States. Actor David Strathairn portrayed Murrow and George Clooney played Murrows producer, Fred Friendly.

I have wanted to see this movie since it came out. I am not that familiar with this time of American history and the movie definately kept my attention throughout. A dry movie, it was hard to watch at sometimes and I can see if the causal moviegoer would take a pass on this one. In fact, I was surprised it held Nanners attention for so long.

The movie was filmed in black and white and at times, I felt like I was watching a old episode of Playhouse 90 or some other live television production set during the 50's. The movie ran a brisk 1 hour and 30 minutes and further made me think I was watching a tv show.

Strathairn was perfect as Murrow. Perfect. You can see why Murrow was such a great pioneer for tv news. Clooney was also good as Friendly.

As much as I want to hate Clooney for being the epitome of a "movie star" with the gossip, lifestyle and the women. I have to give it to him for being a risk taker and a good director. When he acts like "George star" in productions like Ocean's Twelve, I usually want to pass. However, when he makes quality motion pictures like this one, my opinion of him changes immensely.

I give it three out of five stars. Like I said, the movie is very dry and long if you are not interesting in learning about this time. If this part of American history does not suit you, then I suggest not renting it.

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