Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

Well, I have been struggling for a couple of days to make a decent banner and so far this is all I have been able to come up with.......I need some help. LOL

I just wanted to give everyone a shout and give the Sunday round up.....

I just got back from my friend Claude's house. I had his wife and him witness some paperwork I need for some of my parents legal situation. More on that later. I really enjoy visiting them. They are good people and my wife and I love seeing them. I really thank the world for being their friends. I have grown to rely on them for a lot of advice and counsel and laugh or three. We think the world of them. I tried to help Claude with his computer problem and I was unable too. However, I think the people who I take my computer too will be able to help him out.

The people who did my roof sure act like they do not want to be paid. They were unable to make one repair and my contact there told me he would send someone out. That person has yet to arrive. So their money sits in my savings account. =)

I am starting to get the itch to begin work again on my Squadron Supreme website again.

My wife and I went to the new Hooters Restaurant yesterday for lunch. They have one on Airport Blvd. and a new one in Tillmans Corner. I wanted to try the one out in Tillmans Corner, but my wife works in that area and she didn't want to be seen in that one.(?!?) Anyway, its very nice. A improvement over what they had before. I had made a visit earlier in the week with some friends at work.

Well, thats about it for now.......
Anonymous †hë G®ÅÑÐ PÒÓB@H said...

As long as Claude has been around, he should be able to offer excellent advice, on most subjects.

7:57 PM  

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