Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Short ...and NOT so Sweet Movie Review

Yep, the Grand Poobah beat me to it.....but.....

I hated it.

Its a animated movie BASED on a comic that is BASED on the original comic.

As much as they updated it and called it still does not come no where near capturing the magic of the original Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The best part of the DVD and the only reason I bought it actually was the interviews in the special features. George Perez is simply the man. Kurt Busiek, who wrote the Avengers brilliant return in volume three, has interesting remarks but I take him to task due to some of his statements I have seen on message boards about other things. However, he was nice enough to actually have visited this blog and comment ages ago.

I loved how they highlighted the original comic and concept with artwork from all volumes. They gave a look at a ton of artwork from the Avengers clashes with the Squadron Supreme from both volume one and three.

Other than that, I hated it. Storywise. Animation was great. Just such a shame they couldn't have used the ORIGINAL characters and plots. Oh goes on.

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