Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday Morning

Good is whats happening with us at the moment.

I just took our dog Samantha in for her yearly checkup. She loves to ride in the car until she sees where she is going...then I have to practically carry her inside. I will be picking her up in a couple of hours.

After dropping her off, I killed an hour in Wal-mart waiting for the flea market to open up. Nothing really new in the store. I still haven't found The Flash on DVD yet. No bowling bags to be found. However, they do have Starlog magazine. I would have bought it if the Internet didn't exist. All of their news is old now.

My flea market trip wasn't every eventful today. I was able to pick up 2 copies of NEW AVENGERS #16. Nothing spectacular. I just do not see how Marvel is making money. Their stories aren't appealing to me. The upcoming CIVIL WAR event looks promising and the first cover art work to FANTASTIC FOUR #536 appeared yesterday with the return of Thor hinted at...or at least Thor's Hammer. Concerning Marvel's covers, there was a post of one of the comic boards where a person stated that he wished Marvel would go back to the cover styles from the 70's and 80's where the cover art actually reflected what was going on in the story rather than have art of the characters in heroic poses. Of course, this is done because 1) its easier to market these covers again if the run of the story arc is put out as a trade paperback...and 2) and the main reason I would surmise is the fact that the artist can knock these covers out way ahead of the story being written therefore they are not locked in to a deadline to get them produced. I would think that Marvel probably has multiple art pieces ready for all their characters from multiple artists to be put out at their leisure. week doesn't look any better with only Supreme Power: Hyperion #4 being released.

My wife and I watched Elizabethtown last night. Enjoyable movie. Kirsten Dunst played a character that is the exact copy I believe of a girl we used to work with. Cupcake??? LOL. Who would have ever thought that Orlando Bloom and Gailard HeeHaw Sartain would have ever been in a movie together. I loved the way it ended showing his road trip with his father's ashes. If Kirsten Dunst's character isn't suffering from a touch of OCD then I guess I am ok then. LOL.

I am going to sign up for the gym today with Ender after he gets off work. I have to go get busy on my health.

Well, time to sign off. Peace out.

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