Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Morning

I have found that playing with templates is a good way to lose yourself.

Either that or I have the worse case of OCD in the history of mankind.

I received a phone call while at work yesterday from my mother telling me that I needed to come home as soon as possible. She said my father did not have long left. He did not sleep Wednesday night at all. For the first time throughout this entire saga, he complained of pain. My mother tended to him the best she could until she called the nurse to come. The nurse sat beside my father and took his pulse and recorded his breathing. His breathing stopped several times and then restarted. The nurse said that congestion had started to settle in my fathers chest. She told my mother that he did not have long left.

I arrived at home to find my aunt and uncle there who I have not seen since I was a small child. This my fathers sister. The nurse was still there and he was being bathed by a hospice worker. When the worker was done, I walked into the room to find him sitting up with his trademark grin. He always seems to rebound after these baths it seems. However, it wasn't long before he weakened again. He strained to cough up the congestion. I had a chance to speak to the nurse before she left. She told me that even though she was optimistic about the way he looked after he bath, she said that he may have anywhere to 2 days to a week. He slept most of the day while family members and friends came and went. About 7pm last night, everyone finally departed. My wife came over from work early and I told her to go home and rest and come back in the morning. My Mom went to sleep after being up over 24 hours and my Aunt settled in to watch television. I came back to the back room and relaxed in the solitude. The house had been so warm during the day with everyone milling around but now began to cool off. I got on my laptop and started playing around with my template again. Not really because I did not like the other, it was simply something to do. Anything to get my mind off what has occured today and everything that is to come.

My mother and I are going later today to make my fathers arrangements. My mother in law suggested it and I think its a good idea. She told us that we did not need the possible confusion when the time comes. She deals with funeral homes and death on a daily basis with her job. I respect her advice. I am scheduled to work overtime Saturday morning and I plan on being at work. My supervisors have been very good to me and its only right that I am there when they need me. Everybody there has been so supportive of me. I will never forget that. I really hated having to leave them like I did yesterday. I have leave scheduled from Tuesday on to next Sunday. My wife and I were going to try and work in our yard but that plan is on hold right now. I plan later today to try and work on balancing my parents checkbook and pay their bills. My wife and I should be at home tonight.

I will post again when I can. Once again, thanks for the support.
Blogger Anduin said...

I'm sorry that things are going this way for you. I hope it's not as near the end as you've been told for your dad, but I also hope that he is not suffering. I'm really sorry that you and your family have to go through this. It's good though that he is getting good care and it sounds like his nurse that bathes him is an angel in disguise.

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