Friday, February 17, 2006

Back at Home

well, I thought I would post once more before I take a nap. I have had a dull headache all day today and I really want to get rid of it. Ugh.

One thing I did while I was waiting for the hospice nurse to finish bathing my Dad was jump on the laptop and finished editing this blog. I deleted a lot of the posts that I just looked back and thought "Why?" LOL. Some of them I now regret deleting....the Hurricane Katrina posts I should have saved. I guess I am so introspective right now is the reason why. Some of them I can keep going......which reminds me....Dr. Evil hasn't phoned in lately. Maybe I can coerce him to give me a call.

I have had a lot of people ask me about the post concerning Lewis Paine and the Lincoln assassination. I am glad that so many people are interested in it and surprised that a lot of people didnt know that all of that took place. I am now kicking myself because I had some books at my parents house I wanted to bring home with me and forgot. Anyway, I want to make two book recommendations for anyone wanting more infomation on the assassination. One book is called Lincoln's Assassins by James L. Swanson and Daniel R. Weinberg. I have this book at home. Excellent. It is unique in the fact that for its cover, the authors put the picture of the actual hanging moments after the trap was dropped. This is a very rare photograph that is not shown very much and in fact it is hard to find even on the Internet.

The second book is Kennedy & Lincoln: Medical and Ballistic Comparisons of Their Assassinations by Dr. John K. Lattimer. Dr. Lattimer can be seen on documentaries on the Lincoln assassinations from time to time. I read this book my first year in college and used it on a research paper I did on the murder.

Well, time to see if I can get rid of this headache before Nanners comes home.
Blogger Chickie said...

Don't forget that you can always put posts in the "draft" mode. I deleted a blog and then later wish I'd kept it in draft so I could go back over it.

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