Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday Evening

Its funny how things work out. Its almost like a plan is being worked out somewhere.

I had a friend at work call me and was asking questions concerning my blog. She came upon a website that I had listed that she saw and was asking questions about. It was a website concerning HNT. I must admit I really didnt think anything about it until she mentioned it and to make a long story short, it got me to thinking about somethings.

Well, for one thing. This is not a knock on anyone doing HNT. I would never dare tell anyone how to run their blog because I do not want anyone to tell me how to run mine. However, sometimes it takes something like this to make you realize that you have to adhere to your basic self beliefs. Also, I felt kinda silly doing it when my father is ill. Maybe by making my last post being of me when I was a baby, it was something even he could be proud of if he visited my blog.

I am very careful about what I post on my site due to the fact of my job. I do not want to bring embarrassment to them as well as myself. Also, I always try to uphold my personal intergity as well. I think that I may have gotten away from that thinking lately and I am here to bring it back on track so to speak. When I started HNT, I did so only to help bring people to my blog to read it. After all, HNT is only one day and I do want to have people come back because they enjoy what is written as well as other things.

I have always felt uncomfortable with that aspect of it even as I tried to fit in so to speak. Even when I was making the pictures of shoes and what not... I didn't feel like me. However, when I talked to my friend this evening.....well it only kind of drove home the fact that I was starting to do things that I personally was not happy with. So being that as it may...I have adopted a new mantra on here.....or went back to my original mantra so to speak. I am wanting to write about comics. I am wanting to write about current affairs both local and national. I am wanting to have fun using wit and humor.

I want to thank everyone who visited thru the way of HNT. Osbasso has a great thing going and he is to be commended for having so many people following it. I have met a lot of friendly people on here and I hope that you guys continue what you do best and have all the fun doing it. As I said, this is nothing about you. Its more about me. Ok...enough on that. I am planning to joining another little webring sort of thing that is a lot more fitting of me. I hope to have my first post on that Monday. Also, I am starting something tomorrow that I hope that will be fun to do as well as entertaining.

Moving on to other things......

The latest on my father is that he is about the same. They were able to do his spinal tap today to find out what type of cancer has spread to his brain. They should have that infomation tomorrow. He is still taking radiation treatments to shrink the tumors in his brain. Hopefully tomorrow we can get some news on everything to see more about long term prognosis. My father also fell a couple of days ago and it was thought that he fractured his hip. Thank goodness that it was found out that his hip was ok. His spirits are good and he has his good and bad days. However, all the doctors agree that he is probably as healthy and as strong as he is going to get. It is doubtful that he will ever regain movement in his left hand side. My mother met with the hospital social worker yesterday. They are hopeful about getting my Dad into the Veterans Hospice in our hometown. The facility is about 3 minutes away from my parents home and would be perfect for the care and rehabilitation of my dad. I am hoping that tomorrow will bring news on all fronts.

I will be going to bed soon. Tomorrow my new roof will be put on. I am dreading the sound of hammering now. Ugh.
Blogger Chickie said...

All you can do is what's comfy for you! I found your blog via HNT but find it to be a neat read. Even some of the comic book things that I don't "get".

I'll be hoping for your family too that your Dad will get into the facility near home.

Dreading the sound of the hammering? That should be music to your ears! And you'll have a nice shiny roof!

9:45 PM  
Blogger Scotty Ice said...

Thanks Chickie.....I still will be dropping by to see you from time to time!! =)

9:55 PM  

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