Monday, January 16, 2006

From the Office of The Grand Poobah

President Bush called his advisors in this morning and asked them what could he do to help prevent any public relations snafus in the future.

The advisors were stumped but suggested they needed to find someone who was an expert in making a bad situation worse. At that moment, they all realized who they needed. The President, realizing that tough situations needed tough solutions, demanded of his men.

"Call in the Grand Poobah!"

The Grand Poobah, who was currently filming this seasons episodes of The Real World: Grand Bay, answered the call immediately.

"I will be right there!"

We will give you more infomation on the meeting between the President and Poobah as it becomes available.
Blogger Ender said...

LOL. "An expert at making a bad situation worse". Could there be a more apt description for him?

I can see it now....the President walks in, the Poobah makes an inappropriate and poorly-timed joke, no one laughs, he laughs at himself and makes a failed attempt at keeping the joke going, and then Ender makes fun of him. Of course, this will all be followed by "Lessphine".

To all outsiders: please forgive my "inside-joke" laden post.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous The Grand Poobah said...

Can a corn. That is all.AHAHAHAH.

4:39 AM  

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