Monday, January 09, 2006

Early Monday Morning

...well its 310am and its hump day for me. Its my Wednesday and I am beat. I haven't been able to catch up with my rest for some reason. At least, I do sleep very well at night. Due to my schedule I have to come in and nap for a bit just to take the edge off but the drawback to that is that sometimes I really fall into a deep sleep that makes that night kinda tough to get a good nights rest that evening. Anyway....on to my news...

*I got a new cellphone Saturday. I got off early from work to go and spend some time with my Dad. However, he was taking rehab so we had a little time to kill before we went over. My mom needed a new cellphone so the plan was to give her my old one...well old meaning I have had it since November. This freed me up to get a kick butt phone. I got a new LG phone with bluetooth, camera, AND MP3 player. Now this is a interesting situation. I sat down yesterday afternoon to set the phone up and the accessories I got for the phone I believe are wrong. It takes a 1 GB memory card and a reader to sync the MP3's on it. Well, my reader I believe is the wrong type so back to Best Buy I go. If this works I may take my iPod Shuffle back since it would be crazy to have 2 players. Stay tuned.....

*Our April vacation may be in trouble of being delayed due to work. I don't think that I will be denied leave but I will have to stay on top of it. Where I work at sometimes you feel you have to get a Washington lobbyist to work for you.

*I have heard that some people have already gotten their tax refunds back. Has anyone else heard that??

*I got a call from a old friend yesterday. Its nice to talk to him and it was the phone call I like....just one to call to see how you are calls.

*An update on my Dad. He has started his rehab and seems to be doing ok. He has his good and bad days it seems. When my wife and I visited him Saturday, he seemed to be in good spirits and was very talkative. However, he had a very nasty cut on his right arm from where he fell at the hospital. It was very ugly to look at. I am going to get back over there Wednesday. I just wish I was a little closer. He goes back to the Doctor Friday so I will be there for that. It bothers me that no one seems to have addressed the light stroke he had. I want to ask the Doctor about that.

Well, thats all for now. Word.

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