Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Carnival of Hurricane Relief

I would like to speak on a serious topic right now.....

I spoke last week that my blog was asked to participate in a blog for continued support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I posted some pictures of the Mississippi coast that my wife and I took about 2 weeks ago. I was contacted by them and asked to provide a picture for the front page of their website. I submitted a picture that I took of the Treasure Bay Casino.

After visiting the coast, I was shocked to learn that there are untold millions of dollars of damage just along the coast that have not been cleaned up as of yet. My wife and I only live about an hour from where these pictures were taken. Even after this long of a time period, it is still hard to believe that areas that we visited often are no longer there. The Treasure Bay, the Grand, and the President Casinos were basically barges that were tied to other structures comprising the entire casino complex. Hurricane Katrina utterly destroyed these. No one experience was harder to see than that of The Grand Casino Biloxi.

My parents and my wifes parents loved to visit here often. It was very easily accessible near Point Cadet and Hwy 90. My wife and I have spent many evenings there dining and enjoying the casino. This structure was huge. I still cannot believe that it was BLOWN across the highway and landed where it did. The sight was almost surreal.

The Carnival of Hurricane Relief wants the public and private sector as well as our goverment, not to forget about the people of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. According to demographers interviewed by MSNBC, barely a quarter of the 400,000 people displaced in New Orleans have returned to the city. The Mississippi coast was given such a blow it will take years if not decades to recover.

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