Monday, January 16, 2006

The 30 Year Shingles

My first estimate for my new roof was done today and I was pleasantly pleased. Even with the addition of a new ridge vent, the repair of the holes through my front porch, and upgraded 30 year shingles (now that sounds like a painful problem!), I will still be WAY under budget for my roof. I am still going to get one more estimate from another company, but I am pleased that I will not have to spend any addtional money and/or contact my insurance company for another look at my claim. The estimator also said that we shouldn't have to wait but maybe a week to slap this new roof on. I thought we would have to wait at least another month for someone to get to us. Roofing companies are making HUGE bucks right now.

I just hope that this summer isn't a repeat of the last two.

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